Empowering natural gas tank construction - from top to bottom. When building or maintaining LNG applications, welding is mission critical. Only ESAB offers complete welding solutions to maximise quality and productivity.
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Pipeline Solutions
As the world’s energy needs increase, so do the demands for new pipelines. ESAB has developed innovative products for both onshore and offshore applications. Our Pipeweld line delivers optimal productivity, consistency, ease of use, and safety. Combine our wide selection of consumables with the versatile Pipeweld Orbiter and you have a complete solution for pipeline production welding. ESAB is proud to have contributed to thousands of miles of pipelines all over the world - and we look forward to being a trusted partner on your next project.
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Repair and Maintenance Solutions
Proven products and powerful expertise to keep you up and running. Wear and tear are inevitable, but an extended shutdown or unplanned breakdown can bring your operation to a sudden – and costly – halt.
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Mobile Machinery solutions
Heavy-duty and high-tech products for all your welding and cutting needs Industrial vehicles such as construction, mining, lifting, and agricultural equipment must be built to perform challenging jobs and withstand harsh environments.
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